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SignalGererix Ltd

SG is a leading high-tech Cypriot Research and Development company operating in the fields of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Communications. The company is based in Cyprus but operates as an expert provider of DSP technologies realized both in hardware and software to a wide network of clients and collaborators throughout Europe.

The company’s diversified portfolio of commercial products and intellectual property has been creatively used to develop beyond the state-of-the-art solutions for a wide range of industries ranging from Communications and Smart Systems to Offshore technologies, Energy, Security and Defence. SG’s track record for successful electronic product development is evident from more than fifteen internationally marketed products that use the company’s proprietary technologies. Our range of products includes among others low powered wireless sensor nodes, smart antennas, intelligent power management, DSP processes and advanced remote monitoring platforms, miniature Data acquisition hardware, wearable sensors and human activity detection systems.

SG received the prestigious Lloyds List Global Innovation Award 2014 and was named as a National Champion in Innovation at European Business Awards 2014. The company has also been awarded the prestigious Cyprus Innovation Award 2013 for its wireless sensor products and the Eureka Label from the European Commission as recognition of substantial innovation in R&D.

SG has secured a European patent and ranked as the top research performing company in Cyprus according to the European Research Rankings.

SG is actively participating in various National and European projects in its area of expertise. The company is currently involved in ICT and Research for the benefit of SME/AG projects in the area of wireless sensor networks, signal processing and telecommunications. The company’s work has been presented in international industrial exhibitions and scientific conferences, published in acknowledged scientific journals and featured in science & technology news such as the Euronews Futuris documentary.