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Municipality of Larnaka

Larnaka is a coastal city in Cyprus with 70,000 residents and covers an area of approximately 6 square kilometres.LARNAKA MUNICIPALITY logo

The municipality is governed by an elected mayor and managed by the Chief Executive Officer who is responsible for approximately 300 members of staff. Most public services are directly provided by central government, such as housing, education, health, economic development or transportation, and many of the functions of the municipality are primarily concerned the local administration of centrally funded services. However, the development of new initiatives is an important role of the municipality because these are then put to central government for approval and financial support. The municipality has extensive experience in developing projects which are aimed at improving the urban fabric of Larnaka and has participated in several EU funded networks. The municipal department for Technical Services, Planning and Works is developing a number of projects which are likely to attract EU funding and also takes the lead on the SURE initiative.

There are over 3,000 small to medium sized enterprises in Larnaka and about six large companies providing approximately 57,000 jobs which range from shoe manufacturers and cabinet making, retail and tourism to shipping, offshore oil drilling and onshore oil refineries. Although the local economy encountered major shifts in the second part of the 20th century, Larnaka’s industry remained boyant and major new residential and leisure developments around the local port are expected to further improve the local economy. Public services tend to be of a high standard and service provision in housing, education, health, transport, safety or the environment appear to meet local expectations and needs.