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Objectives 2030

The main driving force of this multiphase endeavor is to establish an institutional scientific and economic point of reference as a vehicle to trigger existing and new capacities in the marine and maritime sector of Cyprus. This regional centre of research and innovation excellence will capitalize on the national marine and maritime wealth and contribute towards boosting the scientific and economic growth of a low-performing country.

The general objectives of the MaRITeC-X that will materialize within Teaming Phase 2 and until the year 2030 can be categorized into 3 specific pillars:

Pillar 1: Critical mass. Pillar 1 aims to create a critical mass of academics, researchers and specialized professionals that can unlock and diffuse the existing and new scientific potential. Accumulation of critical mass in human factor combined with carefully planned infrastructure integration, specialization and availability, can transform Cyprus into a regional leader in marine and maritime research and innovation in the area of Eastern Mediterranean.

Pillar 2: Thriving blue economy. Pillar 2 focuses on establishing a thriving maritime circular economy ecosystem where local economic factors such as SMEs, start-ups and industry can harness the market opportunities to achieve economic recovery, competitiveness and sustainable growth.

Pillar 3: Society and the sea.  Pillar 3 aims to increase societal engagement with the sea by promoting the notion of importance of the maritime heritage for an island country like Cyprus. Mobilizing societal institutions towards embracing and promoting our common maritime identity will generate conditions for awareness for market and non-market benefits of engaging with the sea (e.g. food, climate change, health and well-being).

More specifically MaRITeC-X has the following objectives that span the spectrum of all 3 pillars:

  • Establish Cyprus internationally as an Eastern Mediterranean centre for Blue Growth Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Provide affordable access to technology and innovation to the Cyprus marine and maritime industry.
  • Create and support for new innovative high-tech companies and start-ups with international activity.
  • Strengthen the relations between industry and academia.
  • Strengthen the relations with non-European countries of the region by acting as a technology and innovation bridge.
  • Attract foreign investments in marine and maritime technology related activities.
  • Support the establishment in the future of relevant academic institutions associated with MaRITeC-X that will provide education. e.g. departments of naval architecture, maritime technology and marine biology.
  • Create jobs for Cypriot researchers, scientists and professionals.
  • Provide incentives for repatriation of leading Cypriot scientists and entrepreneurs halting the brain drain.
  • Attract European and national funding for research and development.
  • Increase the competitiveness and profitability of Cypriot SMEs active in the blue economy through the co-development of innovative products and services.
  • Transfer of research results of Cyprus universities and research organizations in industry and society .
  • Support education and scientific training in maritime professions.
  • Promote specialized innovative clusters and strengthen their cooperation in various areas of the blue economy.