Objectives 2018

MaRITeC-X 2018 set of short-term objectives will be completed with the end of Teaming phase 1 of the project and are closely related to the specific work packages and deliverables of the project within this proposal. The overall aim of teaming phase 1 of MaRITeC-X is firstly to define scientifically the future innovation and research strategy of MaRITeC-X and most importantly deliver a holistic business plan that will enable the Centre to materialize in a sustainable way.

More specifically the short term objectives of MaRITeC-X proposal are the following:

  • To refine and update the overall innovation and research vision of the MaRITeC-X to the latest priorities and developments of the Smart Specialisation Strategy of Cyprus
  • To refine and update the organization structure of MaRITeC-X and the geographic distribution of its various sectors
  • To map all relevant national science and innovation initiatives, record research and innovation capacities and conduct a detailed gap analysis
  • To draft together with the partnering institutions a science and innovation priorities road map that will guide the scientific vision, innovation character and focal points of the Centre
  • To conduct a detailed market research on the economic outlook and prospects, market needs and value offering of the new institution
  • To deliver a holistic business plan with a specific growth plan towards 2030
  • To draft a suitable marketing strategy satisfying the marketing requirements of a balanced mixture of revenue streams, both public and private
  • To map, identify and prioritize public and private funding opportunities in order to maintain future financial sustainability during and beyond Teaming phase 2
  • To promote the idea of MaRITeC-X through a tailor made dissemination and communication plan in order to promote civil society participation and gain public support